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On this episode we are excited to bring you Adrienne Young and Isabel Ibanez, who recently co-wrote The Storyteller's Workbook, An Inspirational, Interactive Guide to the Craft of Novel Writing


Adrienne, the New York Times bestselling author of the Sky and Sea duology, and the Fable series; and Isabel, an award-winning designer and the author of Woven in Moonlight, which was included in Time's 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time. …. discuss their collaboration and how its many features serve as an inspirational and organizational companion to the journey of creating a book. They also provide a sneak peak of their next novels and compare notes on how they use The Gilmore Girls to reset their creative juices.  


And then there are the stickers.  You’ll see. 


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Your companion to writing a novel from start to finish, with thoughtful prompts, calendars, and checklists to guide you along the way.

Wherever you are on your journey as a writer, The Storyteller’s Workbook is your one-stop shop for planning, writing, and pitching your novel. Find the space and freedom to create authentically with just enough structure and guidance to get you to the finish line. The workbook includes:


  • calendars to record daily word counts, set and track goals, or keep due dates in sight

  • progress coloring sheets to track milestones

  • a fluid and customizable outline

  • character development and world-building tools

  • revision and polishing checklists

  • prompts for creating a title

  • worksheets for crafting an effective pitch, synopsis, and query to assist in selling your novel

  • literary agent and query tracker

  • sticker sheets filled with writerly wit and wisdom

  • blank pages for brainstorming, sketching, or collecting research

  • a place to plan and save rewards to keep you motivated

No more keeping track of multiple notebooks and digital files—now all your work is in one place. Stay organized and inspired while you explore the farthest reaches of your imagination. The Storyteller’s Workbook is designed to empower you to write the story only you can tell.
We’re going on this adventure together. It’s time to pick up your pen.

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