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We're excited to bring you Sulari Gentill in conversation with Robert Gott.


On this episode we are excited to bring you Sulari Gentill, an attorney-turned-award-winning-crime-fiction-writer of the ten-book Rowland Sinclair series, as well as The Hero Trilogy under the pen name S.D. Gentill, and most recently, the stand-alone breakout novel The Woman in the Library.


She is joined by fellow Australian Robert Gott, author of 97 books, both fiction and non-fiction, including eight best-selling historical crime fiction novels, the latest of which is The Orchard Murders.


In this lively romp, Sulari and Robert reveal the ways they injure their characters tastefully, compare how they handle bad reviews and debunk the myth that Australia is the home of scary, venomous creatures.  

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Ned Kelly award winning author Sulari Gentill sets this mystery-within-a-mystery in motion with a deceptively simple, Dear Hannah, What are you writing? pulling us into the ornate reading room at the Boston Public Library.

In every person's story, there is something to hide...

The tranquility is shattered by a woman's terrified scream. Security guards take charge immediately, instructing everyone inside to stay put until the threat is identified and contained. While they wait for the all-clear, four strangers, who'd happened to sit at the same table, pass the time in conversation and friendships are struck. Each has his or her own reasons for being in the reading room that morning―it just happens that one is a murderer.

Sulari Gentill delivers a sharply thrilling read with The Woman in the Library, an unexpectedly twisty literary adventure that examines the complicated nature of friendship and shows us that words can be the most treacherous weapons of all.

What readers are saying about The Woman in the Library:

"I loved this intelligent, high tension, addictive, unputdownable book so much!"


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A novel about revenge, obsession, and the dangerous gullibility of religious fanatics.

In 1944, in the outer-Melbourne suburb of Nunawading, a brutal triple murder heralds the return of a long-forgotten cult. A man named Anthony Prescott has declared himself the Messiah and has promised his followers immortality.

There are those who believe him and who are ready to kill in his name. Inspector Titus Lambert of the Melbourne Homicide unit, whose detectives are over-stretched, requests the discreet assistance of Helen Lord and Joe Sable, once members of his unit, now private inquiry agents. The investigation is more perilous than any of them realize, and will have tragic consequences.

The Orchard Murders is the fourth novel in Robert Gott’s acclaimed series, set in Melbourne during the dark days of the Second World War.

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