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Always Authors Launch Giveaway!

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Bookfinity Booklovers Bundle

One lucky winner will receive AUTOGRAPHED copies of The Lincoln Highway, Malibu Rising, and Golden Girl. Plus a $250 gift certificate to buy more books!

$350 value!


2 Tickets to the
Charleston Literary Festival

One lucky winner will receive 2 passes to the Festival which will entitle the holder to access roughly 25 events, with a value of $500 per pass. Check out what to expect at the Charleston Literary Festival 2022:

$1000 value!


6 Month Subscription

One lucky winner will receive a 6 month subscription to MyThrillClub! Each month you'll be mailed 2 new hardcover books from your chosen genre (thriller, horror, or mystery).

$100 value!

Want to win one of these amazing prizes? Entry is easy!


All you need to do is:

1. Take a screenshot of your review in Apple Podcasts.

2. Fill out the form below.

3. To earn an extra entry, follow us on social media! (You must enter your social media handle (or @) below to be eligible for the second entry.) Extra entry only valid if the initial entry has been submitted.

Entry Form

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