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Stephanie Dray and Kate Quinn

"It's Not Some Whackadoo New Idea"

Listen in as they discuss the importance of historical fiction; passion for your subject versus what the market wants; and how the fight for women's rights is really not a new idea.  


We're sure you'll enjoy this lively conversation between friends ....and maybe you'll find out why Stephanie is holding Kate's book hostage...and what it will take to get it back!

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Rachel Linden and Kristy Woodson Harvey

"Bright Shiny Objects"

These two fantastic women discuss how they transitioned from previous careers to into prolific writers.  Listen in as they discuss the difference between storytellers and authors, bringing "book it" back into the limelight, and the importance of creating "mom camp"!

Rachel and Kristy.jpg

Mimi Matthews and Gail Carriger

"How to Give Your Muse Wiggle Room"

Do you like historical fiction and romance? Your mind may be blown by how these two prolific authors spice it up by adding comedy, Steampunk, futurism, fairies and horses.  And, you'll get some great advice on protecting your books in the publishing world.

Mimi and Gail.jpg

John Marrs and Jennifer Hillier

"A Gift From the Universe"

Join these two award winning writers as they discuss their latest novels, how they write while raising families, and the difference between thrillers and speculative fiction.  You may even hear about     cowboy erotic aliens....

john and jennifer.jpg

Carissa Orlando and Rachel Harrison

"The Crucifix Hidden in the Cabinet"

Are you a horror enthusiast? Listen in as these suspense/horror writers discuss the mysteries behind their stories, the stress of getting your book picked up and why you might be wearing a full body skeleton outfit while reading a horror novel! 

carissa and rachel.jpg

Virginia Kantra and Sonali Dev

"Frank Baum and the Suffragettes"

Join these two good friends as they discuss their latest novels, the worlds of Frank Baum and Jane Austen, and the importance of self worth and men who can cook!

Virginia and Sonali.jpg

Raquel Vasquez Gilliland and

Rachel Lynn Solomon

"I Don't Think I've Ever Said This Word on a Podcast"

Join these two prolific writers of adult and YA books as they discuss characters, relationships, sex and the importance of research for their novels.  They share agents, editors and a love of tea, stickers and chocolate!

Raquel and Rachel.jpg

Jacquelyn Mitchard and Adriana Trigiani

"Getting Hit by a Magic Wand"

In a perfect launch to our third season, Jacquelyn and Adriana will take you on a joy filled romp through their novels, process and the experience of selling millions of best selling books. Warning: they may make you laugh and cry all within a perfect hour of conversation.

jacquelyn and adriana.jpg

Clare Pooley and Phaedra Patrick

"Feel Good Fiction"


Join Phaedra and Clare, friends and fellow Brits, as they discuss becoming their characters.... and when exactly the magic happens in the writing process. 

Clare Pooley and Phaedra Patrick.jpg

Bryn Turnbull and Madeline Martin

"Acts of Defiance"

Bryn and Madeline discuss their love of writing historical fiction, how much research it takes to write that genre, and how lucky they feel to be able to call themselves authors.  From art forgery to book burning, join this enlightening discussion between two friends.

Bryn Turnbull and Madeline Martin_edited.jpg

TJ Newman and Meg Gardiner

"Our Dark Little Hearts Come Up With 

These Crazy Plots"

TJ and Meg discuss their latest novels, switching careers from the legal world and musical theatre, and the stress and sleeplessness that comes with releasing a new book.  Just listening to their conversation about the thrillers they write will make you squirm in your seats and want to hear more!

TJ Newman and Meg Gardiner.jpg

Alex Hay and Sarah Penner

"Heists, Housekeepers and

A Coven of Witches"

Alex and Sarah discuss their love of writing historical fiction, steps to building a book and other tips for aspiring writers, and the importance of supporting fellow authors.  Join us to get a sneak peek at their next book ideas and hear what they're reading now!

Alex Hay and Sarah Penner.jpg

Ashley Winstead and Carley Fortune

"Your Goal is to Have a Hot Mess..."

Ashley and Carley share their insights into writing styles, how to write for a variety of genres, how to manage your personal life with your writing career, and the joys of discussing your craft with your favorite authors.  Join us for this fun and fascinating episode!

Ashely Winstead and Carly Fortune.jpg

Lisa Unger and Rick Mofina

"A Nickel and a Cheese Sandwich"

Lisa and Rick, two prolific crime novelists discuss their books, their writing process, seeing their names in print for the first time, and children of those who commit evil acts.  Listen might even learn about the gene for violence.  

lisa and rick.jpg

Anita Amirrezvani and Alka Joshi

"Trying to Invoke Our Emotions"

Anita and Alka discuss their books, their history as mentor and student, the family histories in their homelands of Iran and India, and the importance of exemplary storytelling.  You won't want to miss one scent of this episode!

Anita and Alka.png

Kerri Schlottman and Amy Shearn

"The Constant Struggle of Creativity"

Kerri and Amy discuss their books, what they're reading now, why people should read fiction books and what we don't talk about enough in this country, including rural poverty.  Join these two friends in a lively conversation and maybe you'll also learn out about "Solastalgia".....

Kerri and Amy Artwork_edited.jpg

Adrienne Young and Isabel Ibanez

"So You Want to Write a Book"

On this episode we are excited to bring you Adrienne Young and Isabel Ibanez, who recently co-wrote The Storyteller's Workbook, An Inspirational, Interactive Guide to the Craft of Novel Writing

And then there are stickers....

Adrienne and Isabel.jpg

Ashley Griffin and Stephen Schwartz

"The Magical Work of the Unconscious "

A must listen for aspiring writers of any genre, Ashley and Stephen explore the commonalities of multiple artistic vocabularies, including adapting novels to theater, pairing technique with the magical work of the unconscious, and finding confidence as the youngest creative person in the room.  

Ashley and Stephen.jpg

Alan Gratz and Ransom Riggs

"Freezing Bits of Time"

In this reflective discussion, Alan and Ransom mull the nature of nostalgia in the digital age, compare early video games and explain how to find your way to a story through detailed research. 

You'll also learn about the Ghost Army.  Seriously.

Gratz and Rigs.jpg

Amber Tamblyn and Jessica Valenti

"Finding Feminism"

In this invigorating conversation, they discuss how to survive in this hellscape of a world after the overturning of Roe V. Wade; the political and cultural gaslighting that women face, and how to find your intuitive process. 

Amber and Jessica.jpg

Sulari Gentill and Robert Gott

"There's a High Corpse Count..."

In this lively romp, Sulari and Robert reveal the ways they injure their characters tastefully, compare how they handle bad reviews and debunk the myth that Australia is the home of scary, venomous creatures.  

Gott and Gentill for website.jpg

Antoine Wilson and Sarah Manguso

"Ride the Wave You're On"

In this free-flowing discussion, Antoine and Sarah explore the transition from writing non-fiction to fiction, mull the motivation of likeability in their approach to their work and examine whether poets smoke more weed than fiction writers. 

Wilson and Manguso social media.jpg

Chloe Gong and Tashie Bhuiyan

"What if They Didn't Mean it Like That?"

In this wonderfully exuberant conversation, these ex-roommates extol the benefits of including suggestions from friends into their books, examine Chloe’s “sighing problem” whenever she writes, and re-visit the origin story of Harry Styles following Tashie on social media.

Chloe Gong and Tashie Bhuiyan.jpg

Jill Bialosky and Lynn Steger Strong

"I Write to Embarrass My Ancestors."

Lynn and Jill examine Jill's latest novel, The Deceptions, to take a deep dive into a variety of issues, such as personal power, shame, and the complicated ways patriarchal systems affect feminine sensibilities within the creative process, and inform their receptions in the world.

Jill and Lynn.tif

Rebecca Makkai and Aleksandar Hemon

"Around the World in 84 Books"

In addition to sneak peaks of their  books arriving in early 2023, Rebecca and Aleksandar discuss her new literary initiative Around the World in 84 Books, wherein she will read a single book from 84 different countries beginning in September 2022. 

kerri and fiona.png

Jess Walter and Amor Towles

"Nostalgia Is an Inherited Trait."

These two friends compare their early story-telling inspirations from Hollywood and music, parse the merits of timely vs timeless writing and examine their yearning to have lived in other eras. 

Jess and Amor.png

Bakari Sellers and Jonathan Martin

"Shut Up, Lindsey"

Set against the backdrop of the Jan. 6th hearings, these two friends and colleagues share never before revealed stories, both hilarious and horrifying, of current figures who have been at the center of this political maelstrom.

Bakari and Jonathan.png

Zakiya Dalila Harris and Kellye Garrett

"Write the Story You Want To Write"

Speaking for the first time, Zakiya and Kellye share with each other the role TV writing has played in their book authorship, the courage it takes to write unapologetically about their experience, and how to make the current "golden age” of BIPOC mystery writing more than a trend.

Zakiya and Kellye.png

Keah Brown and Ryan O'Connell

"I Am My Wildest Dream"

In their first ever conversation with each other, multi-hyphenate authors, Keah and Ryan, get real about the benefits of their Virgo-driven ambition, the constant struggle to push back against the limitations placed on them as disabled artists, and the importance of savoring their success. 

keah and ryan.png

Jean Hanff Korelitz and Emma Straub

"I Did It All In My Pajamas"

Manhattan natives, Jean and Emma, share their love of all things New York (especially the Museum of Natural History), the pleasure of incorporating childhood nostalgia into their novels and how opening a bookstore may be harder than writing. 

jean and emma new.png

Nicole Chung and Taylor Harris

"Art Out Of Chaos"

Good friends, Nicole and Taylor, delve into their approach to creative non-fiction, the emotional layers of parenting, and the mental health benefits of puppies and cheeseburgers.

nicole and taylor.png

Glory Edim and Blair Imani

"That Would Be My Rap Name:

Young Curmudgeon"

Glory and Blair share their joyful perspectives on literature as a tool for self-healing, the continuing work of self-discovery, and their delight in making diverse stories accessible to all.

glory and blair.png

Tracy Wolff and Brigid Kemmerer

"If a Monster with Claws

Attacked a Man in Armor..."

Both Tracy and Brigid are mothers of three boys and they will discuss the challenges of writing books and motherhood, staying true to your process, and going all in on your dreams. And if you need to know what color dragon blood is - tune in!

tracy and brigid.png

Esmé Weijun Wang and Brandon Taylor 

"Take the Big Swing"

In a heart-warming reunion, these two friends, Esmé and Brandon, detail how their shared passion for film photography helps their writing, why they miss the early days of Twitter and what surprises are in store for their editor as they work on their latest novels. Prepare to be surprised, as well. 

esme and brandon.png

Karen White and Susan Meissner

"But She Also Sees Dead People"

In addition to discussing the inspirations for their popular books, Karen and Susan compare notes on inspirational cemeteries, the power of a good ghost story, and how they got their creative mojo back after the pandemic. 

karen and susan.png

Shelby Mahurin & Adrienne Young


With great humor, Shelby and Adrienne bring you into the world of successful YA authors who manage family, deadlines, and even home improvement projects while creating inspired spin-offs for their loyal readership.

shelby and adrienne.png

Mia P. Manansala & Lyn Liao Butler

"I'm Writing A Book, I Swear!"

Mia and Lyn’s discussion offers a frank look into the world of debut writers, where they learn to ward off impostor syndrome, practice self-care to improve their craft, plot new ways to embed their passion for traditional Asian food into their books…and mostly avoid writing steamy sex scenes in their novels.

mia and lyn.png

Kelly Sue DeConnick & Adrienne Mayor

"A Pedestal is a Different Kind of Box"

Though a generation apart, these two accomplished women begin their discussion with a mutual-admiration love-fest, and then dive into a spirited dialogue that includes super heroes, the myth of a female utopia, grieving like the Greeks and the consequences of having sex at Aphrodite's shrine.

kelly sue and adrienne.png

Jeffery Deaver John Gilstrap

"Are You a Plotter or a Pantser?"

These good friends share their perspectives on genre writing: the difference between mysteries and thrillers, the elements of the perfect thriller, and who outlines stories before writing (plotters) and who writes by the seat of their pants (pantsers).

jeffery and john (1).jpg

Kerri Maher & Fiona Davis

"All of Us in Our Hoop Skirts!"

Kerri and Fiona have a wide-ranging discussion that includes their work, lives, passions and creative process. They cover it all, from fictionalizing real people, to researching real places, to their mutual love of hoop skirts.

kerri and fiona.jpg

André Aciman & Edmund de Waal

"The Simple Act of Going Back"

André and Edmund engage in a passionate discussion about their lives, creative process and the challenges of capturing their family histories for readers. They cover it all, from Penthouse to Proust.

andre and edmund.png

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